Multiple Choice

A. Multiple Choice

Multiple-Choice Section – (80minutes)
The multiple-choice section of the exam consists of about 75 questions and counts for
45 percent of the total score. Multiple-choice scores are based on the number of
questions answered correctly. Points are not deducted for incorrect answers, and no
points are awarded for unanswered questions. Because points are not deducted for
incorrect answers, students are encouraged to answer all multiple-choice questions.
On any questions students do not know the answer to, students should eliminate as
many choices as they can, and then select the best answer among the remaining
• Questions 1- 38 are based on aural stimulus test a student’s listening skill and knowledge
about theory largely in the context of examples from actual literature. Most
of these questions will cover topics D, E, and F in section V of the outline on
pages 9–10, although emphasis is likely to be on the various
elements mentioned
under topic F. Some aural stimulus questions may test the student’s skill in
score analysis.
• Questions 39- 75 not based on aural stimulus emphasize those materials listed
in topics A–E in section IV of the outline on page 10; they may include knowledge
and skills listed for sections I, II, and III as well.